meet chelsea

She’s been bartending at Sava’s since 2009 (her response... woah!). Surely she’s served some of you a drink or two.

Chelsea’s favorite thing about working at Sava’s is all the love and support from co-workers and management. She says the management team really looks out for us as individuals for our success at work and in our personal lives. Overall, the people here really make the place!

In her free time, Chelsea loves to explore and try new things! She’s constantly dreaming of places to go and skills to acquire. She believes that positive change happens when a person opens their mind to the world's possibilities. We love the way you think girl!

Lastly, for her spirit animal… Chelsea likens herself a seahorse! They are romantic creatures who love to dance with their chosen mate each morning. They also change colors rapidly and so does she, with her expansive wardrobe.

Next time you’re at Sava’s, make sure to say hi to Chelsea!